Tree Roots Removal in Somerset, NJ

Large tree roots pulled up from ground

A beautiful landscape can improve the appeal and value of your home or business in Somerset, NJ, and mature trees can greatly enhance your yard's look. But unfortunately, as the trees around your property mature, their expanding root systems can become problematic. Above-ground roots can be both unsightly and unsafe, causing concrete to buckle and creating tripping hazards. But root removal - unless done by a well-qualified professional - can compromise the health of a live tree and could even necessitate its complete removal.

Offering Solutions

If tree roots are a problem in your yard, the tree care specialists at Miklos Tree Service can help. At Miklos Tree Service, we have the education, skill, and equipment to safely and effectively remove unsightly tree roots while preserving the health of your trees. And because we value our customers, we provide prompt, professional service on every job.

Call our office in Somerset, NJ today for an estimate or to learn more about our tree root removal services.

No stump is too large or hard, we'll turn it into dust!

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Lots of debris ready to be removed
Cleaned debris and removed stumps and roots