Logging in Somerset, NJ

Safely removing trees – particularly sizeable ones – takes skill, training and experience. If you need to remove marketable trees from your Somerset, NJ property, the professionals at Miklos Tree Service in Somerset, NJ have got you covered with our logging services.

Leave it to Us

Tree removal can be a big job. But rest assured: We’re up to the challenge. We have the in-depth knowledge and experience to effectively remove marketable trees from your Somerset, NJ property safely and efficiently. With the right equipment and techniques to get the job done right, we handle every job with precision and professionalism, which means total protection for both your logs and your property. At Miklos Tree Service, our team of logging professionals goes the extra mile to fully understand your needs and provide you with the outstanding service you deserve.

Do you need to remove marketable trees from your property? You can’t go wrong with logging service from Miklos Tree Service. Contact us today to arrange for your estimate.

No tree is too heavy!

Logged Trees in a pile with snow in Somerset New Jersey
Very large tree being lifted by crane for logging
Large pile of logs stacked together
Escavator next to several piles of large logs